Legislation and software in one solution

The digital GDPR-solution

Why is GDPR important?

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) comes into force by May 25th, it means that all organisations that handle, collect, register and keep personal data shall comply with a number of new and/or tougher requirements of how you, as an organisation, handles, collects, registers and keeps personal data. Likewise, failure to comply with the new and/or tougher requirements could result in significant fines of up to 4% of the organisation’s annual global revenue, as well as being liable to pay compensation for damages.

Overview of the entire process

It is possible to generate specific parameter reports and set up rules of automatic follow-ups on tasks and processes which are all available in a visual and manageable layout which, among other things, contains a risk matric and warnings. This gives your organisation the possibility to, at any given time, document and monitor the status of your organisation’s compliance of the regulation. At the same time, a complete overview of the organisation’s compliance of the regulation is given to the management.

Empower your organisation

To live up to the requirements of the regulation, your organisation needs to create an overview of the organisation’s different ways of handling personal data. With RISMA’s GDPR solution, it is ensured that everyone involved has an overview of upcoming tasks and deadlines that need to be kept. Everyone involved also gets a better understanding of where their current tasks belong in the overall process of ensuring compliance with the regulation.

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A solution for the entire organization

Intuitive and user-friendly design

RISMA’s GDPR solutions have an intuitive and user-friendly design that ensures that all employees, regardless of prior knowledge of the requirements of the regulation, can contribute to ensuring that your organisation’s processing lives up to the requirements of the regulation – and that it remains legal.

Choose the best solution

The content and structure of RISMA’s GDPR solutions are developed so that both small and large companies, and public authorities, are helped along with a clear and structured process of ensuring that your organisation complies with the regulation and is prepared when the general data protection regulation comes into force on May 25th, 2018.


RISMA has formed a partnership with Plesner in developing a GDPR solution and platform where requirements of the regulation are transformed to practical and understandable tasks and procedures that both employees and management can relate to. RISMA and Plesner will continuously update the platform so that it, as much as possible, reflects the applicable legal requirements.

Plesner has also produced a set of templates for policies. The set consists of, among other things, a cookie policy, personal data policy, storage policy, privacy policy and others. Templates can be purchased additionally.

A few of our customers

Simple solution for smaller companies and organisations

Try RISMAgdpr which is developed in collaboration with Plesner and is primarily aimed at minor companies and organisations, and organisations that only handle personal data to a limited extent. It is easy and simple to keep the organisation updated on the new requirements of the general data protection regulation, as well as the associated organisational measures, and the solution is based on the individual processes and a visual overview.
Buy today – start tomorrow. The solution is cloud-based so that it is easy and fast to get started. The solution will guide and help you and your organisation safely through the process of complying to the requirements of the general data protection regulation.

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Individual solution for larger companies

No company or organisation is the same and there is of course a difference between whether you are a small, medium-sized or large and possibly global company or organisation, and that is why we, in collaboration with Plesner, have developed RISMAgdpr, which allows individual customization to your organisation’s needs and the ability to conduct a more in-depth analysis of your organisation’s processing of personal data, whether you are running the process or have an external adviser.
You get the same unique opportunities to create consistency between analyses regarding compliance with specific requirements of the general data protection regulation, subsequent action plans, processes and potential risks.
Contact us for a discussion of a GDPR solution that suits your company.

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Solution for adviser

It is simple to use RISMA Systems alongside your consulting services. You will save time and add extra value to your customers. As a partner, you will get the opportunity to use RISMA’s multiple solutions and strengthen your consulting.
We help you get started
It is simple to use RISMA’s solutions. We help with sparring and consultancy about how to best grow your own business in connection with consultancy on the new general data protection regulation. You also have the opportunity to participate in certification courses and product training.
Special benefits for you
When you have become a certified partner, you get a number of benefits. You get the opportunity to receive leads from RISMA and you get direct access to the partner team with the possibility of getting a dedicated partner account manager and pre-sales benefits.
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